5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Tax Attorney

This probably won’t come as any great shock, but it’s never a good idea to go into an IRS office by yourself if you discover that you are being audited or that the IRS is looking upon you with suspicion. In such a case, you’re always better off taking a tax attorney with you. And while hiring a tax attorney may seem like a financial burden, it’s a burden that you need to shoulder. The cost of using a tax attorney is far less than the potential cost of not using one if you end up having to pay dearly as a result of an audit.

Here are five reasons you need to hire a tax attorney:

1.The main reason to hire a tax attorney is peace of mind. There are few things in life more frightening than finding out that you are the target of an IRS audit, but hiring a tax attorney can keep you from being completely overwhelmed and filled with dread. You should never attempt to represent yourself in such a situation as tax law is a complex field and should be left to a seasoned professional.

  1. A good tax attorney has lots of experience dealing with the IRS and knows how negotiate with them. They know all about tax liens, levies, and tax debts, and can ensure that you end up with as little tax debt as possible.
  2. There exist two different kinds of tax attorneys. The first kind is a personal attorney. A personal attorney can help you if you are personally audited by the IRS. And, as the name suggests, a corporate attorney will assist you if your business is audited by the IRS. Be sure to hire an attorney that can help you with your specific needs. Hiring a personal attorney to help with a business audit may provide some benefit, but you won’t get the expertise from a personal attorney that you would get from a business attorney. But whether you need a personal attorney or a corporate attorney, an experienced IRS attorney will make sure that you avoid the maximum penalties that the IRS can issue to you.
  3. The auditor is not your friend. No matter how friendly and helpful he or she may seem, the job of the auditor is to get as much money out of you as possible while still following the law. The job of the IRS attorney, as much as possible, is to keep the auditor out of your money. Stand back and let them do their respective jobs. You’ll sleep much better at night.
  4. Seasoned tax attorneys know tax law inside and out. They know the loopholes, they understand the legalese, and they know how to negotiate. Don’t be tempted by the prospect of quickly studying tax law. You’ll never be as effective in your own defense as a tax attorney will be.

While it’s true that hiring a tax attorney can be an expensive endeavor, in the end, you can’t afford not to hire one. Given the amount of money that you can save by using the services of an experienced attorney, and given the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a professional is looking out for your best interests, the price of a tax attorney is well worth it. When you have a tax attorney on your side the first time you walk into the office of the auditor, you’ll realize just how much you’ve saved in anxiety and, if all goes as it should, penalties. So get recommendations from friends and families and hire a reputable local tax attorney. You’ll sleep better!

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What To Do After a Tractor Trailer Accident

Most drivers know how it is to share the road with tractor trailers since they seem to be all around us as we drive. The problem is that most people are so used to this that they do not fully understand how dangerous tractor trailer accidents can be. 

The main reason why it is always recommended to work with a tractor trailer accident attorney after being involved in a collision with a truck of any kind is that damages can be catastrophic and injuries are often very serious. Also, fatalities are much more common than we would like to admit in collisions between tractor trailers and regular passenger vehicles. 

While you are entitled to receive financial compensation for what happened, what you do after the tractor trailer accident will impact the impact of the case. 

Everything starts with understanding exactly what damages you are entitled to. Under the law, you can receive compensation for:

  • Grief
  • Past medical costs
  • Pain, suffering
  • Inconvenience
  • Future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Funeral expenses
  • Economic opportunity losses

Remember that after the crash, insurance companies will start to contact you very fast. Sometimes, this is actually just one day after the car crash. The reason for this is to obtain recorded statements about the accident and injuries. 

It is very important that before you discuss anything with a representative of the insurance company you get in touch with an experienced truck accident attorney. This will help you to:

  • Recover all damages.
  • Pursue underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage. 
  • Obtain fair settlements.
  • Collect all the evidence you need to file a very strong claim. 

If the accident involves a tractor trailer, you have to work with attorneys that have the experience and skill needed to guarantee fair compensation. It is quite important to understand the fact that insurance companies and trucking companies only care about their best interests. They will try to get in touch with you to get evidence that will make your claim worse. The goal of the parties at fault is always to pay you less than you should receive. 

It is rarely in your best interests to give a statement so fast after the truck accident. Keep in mind that you do not have the legal obligation to offer the recorded statement the insurance companies demand. The only case in which you should do this is when you are represented by a truck accident attorney that will talk for you during the meeting.

People will tell you that after the truck accident you have to contact the authorities and gather as much evidence as possible. This is definitely correct, but the harsh reality of the situation is that there is a very low possibility you will be able to do all of these things. After a serious truck accident, the only priority you should have been your health. You need to recover from your injuries. At the same time, it will be your truck accident attorney that will take care of the legal part of the equation, including negotiations and going to court. 

Do You Need a Lawyer When Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Being involved in truck accident is one of the most traumatic experiences that you will never be able to forget. Because of the massive weight and size of these vehicles, accidents involving these often cause significant damages, serious injuries and even death. When smaller passenger vehicle collides with these trucks, it is highly unlikely for the driver and passenger to get out of the accident alive. However, there are cases where the victims of the accident are lucky enough to survive through such a major accident. However, they will sustain injuries that may even have lifelong consequences.

If you have suffered such injuries, treating them would be expensive. If the accident was caused because of the fault of the truck driver or the truck company, you will be able to take legal action against them. Filing a personal injury lawsuit will help you obtain compensation from the party at fault. However, winning such a lawsuit and receiving compensation would only be possible if you are able to prove that the accident was caused because of the fault of either the truck driver or the truck company.

Proving liability in such an accident can be tricky. There may be several parties involved in the accident and they may all be at fault to some extent. In such a situation, proving who caused the accident may be difficult. However, such difficulties become a lot easier when you are being guided by competent Miami truck accident attorney. The lawyer will discuss your case with you, explain your rights, make you understand what options you have available and what to expect as the legal proceedings begin. Your lawyer will also discuss any queries that you may have about the accident and the lawsuit or the entire legal procedure.

Many people believe that winning such a lawsuit is even achievable if you do it on your own. However, you must know that though it is true that you can file the suit on your own, winning or losing may be out of your hand. Truck accident laws vary from one state to another. Being a common folk, you may not be as well versed in the laws as a legal professional would be. Therefore, when complications would arise during the case proceedings, you may be at a loss for what you should do next and that may put your case at jeopardy. Winning the suit and receiving a fair settlement may not even be possible then. That is why it is important to hire an attorney who can guide you through the process.

Some Aspects of Filing Divorce

When a lawyer is retained for a case, he takes on counselling and guiding the client through the case. Which means that the lawyer needs to know details about the person who hired him as well as information regarding his relationship with the spouse. The grounds that the person is divorcing the spouse must be valid and legal in order for the situation to advance. Before anything else, it has to be established whether the proceedings is a no-fault or fault case. Within the no fault one; both sides acknowledge they have differences which can’t be reconciled which their marriage is irretrievably broken. In the fault proceeding, it needs to be established the spouse is at fault and that’s why there is a motion for that proceedings to commence. The faults might be anything which range from adultery, abuse and many others. Recently, in many states of the United States of America, the option to choose between the 2 continues to be eliminated. The particular grounds and reasons are often stated out of the box, with or without choosing whether the case if no fault or with fault.

What is Included

There are various aspects that the lawyer needs to look after when the case is underway. These aspects include but aren’t limited to alimony, dividing properties, assets and debts, child (or pet custody), prenuptial agreements and many others. Alimony is the amount of cash and support that a person may pay their spouse after divorcing each other. The total amount under consideration relies upon some factors. These factors are primarily impacted by which of the spouses earn more when it comes to income or has more in terms of assets. It’s unusual for the judge to rule that the spouse with little if any income give alimony to another. The division of properties is generally mentioned in the prenuptial agreement if there is one, or will need to be discussed, sometimes aggressively, between parties. The Denver divorce attorneys of every party will have to be present during discussion or meeting regarding division of properties, assets and debts. Usually, conjugal property is divided between your potential divorced couple given that they acquired these throughout their married life. There are also some cases, by which, inherited property might be divided between them should there be clauses in the will or even the prenuptial agreement that could support this.

The Denver divorce lawyers also need to fight for client regarding custody of the dependents. Dependents can be the great or adopted kids of the couple as well as the pets that were acquired during the marriage from the couple.

There’s also some aspects such as abuse, abandonment, fraud and imprisonment that can be what prompted the experience. Criminal offences against a spouse could possibly be the cause for the separation and termination from the marriage. The lawyer is generally quick to point out any crime committed by the spouse against his client who have prompted the customer to wish to end the marriage.

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Legal Process Outsourcing Market in India

Testimonials and case studies go a long way in establishing the effectiveness of a system or a process. Let us understand how legal process outsourcing can deliver tremendous value to an organization. This is a case study pertaining to legal services delivered by Infosys, a leading IT giant. In the domain of legal outsourcing, Infosys typically collaborates with a legal publishing firm to create integrated KPO services. In this particular case study, the client itself was a leading provider of business intelligence services.

It had a very complex business environment that had multiple sources of data gathering such as courts, legislative bodies, and publications. The data is generally collected and stored in various formats such as XML and VISF. The key stakeholders in the process were content editors, data analysts, collection analysts and conversion engineers. With multiple stakeholders and data sources, the operations grew redundant and faced challenges such as:

In this particular situation, the client clearly wanted Infosys to address five major aspects. These were:

These objectives called for a clear-cut adoption of the legal process outsourcing as a business strategy. In this scenario, LPO Services India has been an apt choice because it not only delivered cost effective services but also enabled the teams to focus on business critical functions. The entire business operations underwent subsequent automation and got completely aligned with the enterprise goals and objectives thereby, eliminating redundant processes and functions.

By adopting the services by Infosys, the company achieved tremendous operational efficiency, managed service model, and process transformation. This example clearly elucidates the value that outsourcing can deliver to legal firms. Here the client was a large-scale enterprise, and therefore they approached a top-notch LPO service provider. The size or the market presence of an organization should not deter one from walking the outsourcing way. The Indian market has multiple players who have tailored a plethora of different paralegal services for not only pure play law firms but also for the legal department of the different enterprises.

Initially the legal process outsourcing services from India meant pure transcription. With the passage of time, the world economies went major paradigm change in business process thereby, helping the small legal firms in India to turn every challenge into a business opportunity. It is a well-known fact that India has made great stints in the field of technology and that has affected almost all the industry verticals. A favorable government policy, knowledge of the western legal system and the widespread adoption of the English language has made India one of the preferred outsourcing destinations.

Seek Legal Assistance to Eliminate Warrant For Outstanding Traffic Ticket

Receiving a traffic permit is a normal thing. This can happen to anyone. However, this is not an incident to ignore as an outstanding traffic ticket can get you into lot of trouble. However, before getting to know how to fight the traffic ticket, you need to know when you can get a ticket.

Ticket law

There are different occasions when you can receive a ticket. This is a legal notice that law enforcement officers issue when you violate traffic law. Parking vehicles in non parking zone can get you such a ticket. This is considered as non moving ticket. You can get a moving ticket for speeding or ignoring traffic lights. Driving on the opposite side of the road can get you a moving tag also. If you drive without a valid license, you will receive a traffic label.

Actions required

You have three options. You can be the good citizen and pay the permit. You can plead no contest and pay the ticket. You can plead not guilty and contest the ticket. If you pay the ticket, you will have a police record. Such a record can get you into lot of trouble later. That is why, you should fight the ticket with proper legal help.


In Las Vegas traffic law violation is treated as misdemeanor. Misdemeanor offense refers to offense for which you will have to serve prison time up to six months. Monetary fine is another consequence. The amount of fine depends on the kind of permit you have received. If you neglect paying the fine, you will be penalize with imprisonment.

Long term consequence

Results of breaking the traffic law can be fatal. Your insurance rate can go high for committing this offense. Your driving license can get suspended for committing this offense as well. In Las Vegas if you ignore the traffic permit and do not pay, an arrest warrant can be issued and you may get arrested. This is the reason you need to seek legal help if a Las Vegas warrant against you.

Legal assistance

If you are undecided about getting legal help, please remember that Las Vegas traffic law is complicated. You need an expert to assist you. Moreover, the prosecutors reduce the penalty when the accused is represented by a lawyer. Make sure to hire an experienced lawyer who is specialized in Las Vegas traffic law. It is important to hire a lawyer who has experience in handling trial. In case your lawsuit ends up in court the lawyer will be able to represent you there.

The Difference Between Litigation Vs. Mediation

Mediation can resolve disputes between two parties. The conflict can be handled outside of court or while in the process of litigation. I will discuss how mediation can be useful for those in a dispute. Mediation can resolve differences in family law, business disputes, workplace conflicts, probate & estate issues. Mediation has it’s own benefits versus litigation for parties in a court case or deciding not to go through court.

These are my point of views when it comes to mediation, or alternative dispute resolution.

People would rather not wait in time. Time can be consumed while going through a litigation process. Months or years can go by before your case is even addressed. During that time unresolved matters pester and effect one another because nothing has been done yet. The usual process goes with talking with your lawyer first who then discusses with the judge and jury which can extend time. It’s more direct and simple when going through mediation. The objective is clear and to the point. This process can ensure satisfying resolution. Mediation takes the parties outside of courts and gives them an opportunity to agree to terms efficiently.

People do consider costs. The costs of litigation can be enormous when handling a dispute. Going back to the time issue that can even add onto the costs. When working with a mediator the costs can be decreased significantly from using an lawyer and going through a court. Disputes are usually resolved with signed agreements in a matter of days or even a single session. Compared to using law you can avoid fees and costs when using a mediator.

People favor privacy. Did you know litigated cases become public record? Every word is transcribed and becomes accessible to the public. During a court case, parties can be discourage from telling sensitive or embarrassing information. In a mediation process confidentiality can be addressed. Sharing information with the mediator is allowed and nothing is public.

People want equal control. In litigation, courts have control over outcomes. Individuals may be effected personally. Courts, lawyers and jury usually decides on the schedule and final verdict. With mediation, you can work with the other party where both can address their concerns. An outside party cannot impose on the final outcome and parties can determine a fair solution.

People care about dignity. Parties are often “against each other” when litigation is involved. It is a “win-lose” situation and often one party disagrees with the outcome. Dissatisfaction may be left upon one party. Having mutual respect for one another during mediation is always welcomed. Both sides can work together for a balanced solution. It can be more peaceful and each will feel as if they have respect. Parties are comfortable being able to be heard and resolutions can arise from clear communication.

Mediation has it’s advantages over litigation. Whether you are already in a court dispute, or if you have not gone as far as getting a lawyer mediation is never too late to resolve conflict.

How to Get a Liquor License in India?

For most of those addicted to liquor, celebrations start by raising a toast. However, arranging the liquor is a complicated process with strict by laws. We are hardly aware about the stringent laws behind the use of this alcoholic beverage. Those operating such outlets only understand the complicacy behind the process. At times, even they miss on certain guidelines behind distribution of alcohol and receive penalties.

The government has enforced separate laws for liquor shops. One has to fulfill a long listing of terms and conditions to be able to open a retail outlet. One has to attain several licenses to be able to sale, purchase, import, export, manufacture or even possess alcohol. That’s true! Even possession of alcohol is not permitted without the necessary licenses. In addition, the laws are not the same everywhere within India. That is, the laws vary from state to state. Some states strictly prohibit the consumption of alcohol while others have fixed a legal age for consumption. In some states, private parties are not legally permitted to distribute alcohol and only government retailers can have the license. Unlike some states that allow liquor sale at all restaurants, pubs, discos, party halls etc, others allow sale only at five-star hotels.

With separate rules pertaining to liquor license all over India, who can instruct us on the guidelines of Excise and Taxation department? Who can instruct us on laws behind acquiring fresh licenses and behind renewing existing licenses? How much VAT is applicable in either case? Can a foreign party start a alcohol business in India? What are the licenses that a foreign party needs to acquire to open a liquor store in India?

Liaisoning consultants have answers for all such queries and many more. They have complete knowledge about permissions on all categories of alcohol. They can confer you the latest on the new excise policy. Liaisoning consultants can guide you on different laws on granting liquor license in different parts of India. Thus, you can serve and sell alcohol without the possibilities of facing penalties for violations of some liquor laws. In cases of extreme violations, the license is liable to suspension by the state excise department. Rise in license, permit costs and liquor prices & partial information about the laws on liquor business have deterred many from stepping ahead. The first three factors are not in our control. The best decision would be to take complete guidance from liaisoning consultants and related authorities that will reduce chances of negligence on your part.

When Slurred Speech May be Taken as an Indication of DUI

Sometimes innocent people get arrested in case of DUI just because some unfavourable situations and not find the chance to clear their point of view. One of them is a slurred conversation that the prosecution may use in its DUI scenario as an indication of drunkenness. Your DUI lawyer may take an oblique strategy in showing the official incorrect in a scenario where he or she stated that your conversation was slurred at the time of your DUI police arrest. Sometimes individuals who have MS are mistaken for those who are drunk, which essentially implies that the muscle tissue which manage the conversation are poor.

If the cops prevent you at late night questioning that you may be drunk and because of the predefined objectives of the driving under the influence, the cop at the time of their preliminary discussion can consider the slurred discussion as an indication of DUI. If the court considers that the person was so drunk that his discussion gestures were impacted considerably, and also was incapable to securely function an automobile. But, again, there are a number of methods that may be used in cross-examining the arresting official on this issue.

First is the likelihood that what the official regarded to be slurred, dense, or stuttering conversation may, actually, be the defendant’s regular way of talking. To confirm this factor your drunk driving attorney can approach your friends who were with you the night of your arrest who talked with you and will take note about how you talk. In planning for cross-examination of the office, the defense attorney can analyze properly the DUI police arrest review for mistakes or variance. Many DUI cops reviews will not allow the official to review simply in a narrative form what he noticed. Rather, particular questions will be presented in an objective manner, and the answer will have to be given in the adjacent boxes to be checked. The suggestiveness and restriction of this typical cops strategy should be presented to the court.

Second to confirm you innocent you can also contact a family member or friend from the prison and if there is a phone answering device or voicemail recorder then this could offer strong proof in your favor and your impairment to talk normally. Actually your drunk driving lawyer can ask a variety of questions to the cop that your conversation could not have been all that slurred if he obviously recognized all of the details you offered him to any concerns that were requested.

Learn About Speeding Laws for Fighting a Speeding Ticket

When it comes to moving violations, speeding tickets are the most common. Receiving a speeding ticket is not something that anyone enjoys. However, when you do receive one, there are two things that you can do. You may either decide to pay the ticket or may also choose to fight it. If you are thinking of fighting the speeding ticket, you must learn about the whether you were charged for a “basic” or “presumed” or “absolute” speed law, and how the cop determined your velocity. Speed is generally determined through aircraft, pacing, laser, radar, VASCAR or using some other means.

What are the different kinds of speed limits?

There are mainly three kinds of speeding limits – “basic speed limit”, “presumed speed limit” and “absolute speed limits”. The three types of speeding limits are briefly discussed below:

Basic speed limit: The concept of basic velocity law is actually tricky. All of the states recognize violation of basic speed limit. You would receive a speeding ticket if you violate the basic speed limit. The officer may charge you with this type of violation if you are caught driving above or below the speed limit. The officer will determine violation by keeping the driving conditions in mind. For example, if you are caught driving at 40 mph in a 45 mph zone in thick fog and icy roads, you may be charged for violating basic velocity limit. The reason behind this is simple, in such weather condition, the speed limit is reduced. That is why, even if you were driving at 40 mph, you would still be violating speeding regulations. This type of speeding ticket is usually issued after accidents.

Presumed speed limit: Violation of presumed velocity limit may be complicated to understand. However, these types of speeding violations provide you a lot more flexibility when defending these tickets. Texas and California are two of the many states where this system is used for some or all of their roads. In these states it is legal to cross the specific speed limit. However, you need to be driving safely. For instance, if you are caught driving at 50mph in a 40mph zone, you would be “presumed” to be violating the speeding laws. However, if you were driving down a straight road on a clear, dry day, at 6 in the morning when there were no cars around, you may be able to convince the judge that you were actually driving safely, considering the conditions. If you can prove these conditions, you may be able to plead not guilty. These conditions help rebut the presumption.

Absolute speed limit: This speed limit is present in most of the states. This is actually simple to understand and quite straightforward. In this case, if the speed limit is 40mph, you have to drive at 40 mph. If you go over this limit even just by 1 mph, you would be violating the law.

If you have received speeding tickets in Las Vegas, you would need to contact an attorney as soon as you can for defending the ticket. It is important to find proper legal counsel when dealing with such matters.