Legal Process Outsourcing Market in India

Testimonials and case studies go a long way in establishing the effectiveness of a system or a process. Let us understand how legal process outsourcing can deliver tremendous value to an organization. This is a case study pertaining to legal services delivered by Infosys, a leading IT giant. In the domain of legal outsourcing, Infosys typically collaborates with a legal publishing firm to create integrated KPO services. In this particular case study, the client itself was a leading provider of business intelligence services.

It had a very complex business environment that had multiple sources of data gathering such as courts, legislative bodies, and publications. The data is generally collected and stored in various formats such as XML and VISF. The key stakeholders in the process were content editors, data analysts, collection analysts and conversion engineers. With multiple stakeholders and data sources, the operations grew redundant and faced challenges such as:

In this particular situation, the client clearly wanted Infosys to address five major aspects. These were:

These objectives called for a clear-cut adoption of the legal process outsourcing as a business strategy. In this scenario, LPO Services India has been an apt choice because it not only delivered cost effective services but also enabled the teams to focus on business critical functions. The entire business operations underwent subsequent automation and got completely aligned with the enterprise goals and objectives thereby, eliminating redundant processes and functions.

By adopting the services by Infosys, the company achieved tremendous operational efficiency, managed service model, and process transformation. This example clearly elucidates the value that outsourcing can deliver to legal firms. Here the client was a large-scale enterprise, and therefore they approached a top-notch LPO service provider. The size or the market presence of an organization should not deter one from walking the outsourcing way. The Indian market has multiple players who have tailored a plethora of different paralegal services for not only pure play law firms but also for the legal department of the different enterprises.

Initially the legal process outsourcing services from India meant pure transcription. With the passage of time, the world economies went major paradigm change in business process thereby, helping the small legal firms in India to turn every challenge into a business opportunity. It is a well-known fact that India has made great stints in the field of technology and that has affected almost all the industry verticals. A favorable government policy, knowledge of the western legal system and the widespread adoption of the English language has made India one of the preferred outsourcing destinations.